Congratulations to Team CPEC

Dear All,
It is my pleasure to inform you all that, with the grace of Almighty Allah, the 2nd International CPEC Business & Research Conference 2017 ended successfully. I would like to thank all who made this feat possible and also give a brief description of what we all achieved as one IBA team.

The 2nd International CPEC Business & Research Conference 2017 was organized by IBA MBA students and MBA Club on March 15th and 16th in partnership with leading universities from all four provinces and one university from China. On the 15th March 2017 the Presidential Session of the conference was held at Sindh Governor House and the Chief Guest, Mr. Mamnoon Hussain, President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan graced the ceremony and gave speech on the importance of CPEC. The Presidential Session was also attended by Mr. Muhammad Zubair, Governor Sindh and the honorable Consul General of China, Mr. Wang Yu.

Dear All, we received more than 60 Academic papers in this year’s conference. From these papers, 16 Papers were included as full presentation papers and 11 papers were included as the poster papers. We had representation from 20 National Universities and 5 International universities from China, Germany, South Africa, UK and Canada in this year’s CPEC conference. We are now committed to conduct research on CPEC long term implementation plan with our partner universities to contribute whatever we can to make this mega project a transformational experience for the people of Pakistan.

Delegations from following partner universities also represented their universities:
Sukkur IBA, headed by Prof. Nisar Siddiqui, Director
Balochistan University of IT, Engineering & Management Sciences, headed by Dr. Abdus Salam Lodhi, Dean, Dean Faculty of Management Sciences
IMSciences Peshawar, headed by Dr. Mohsin Khan, Director
SILC Business School of Shanghai University China, Prof. Dr. Lv Kangjuan, Deputy Dean (Skype)

Following were some of the keynote speakers at the conference: His Excellency Mr. Mamnoon Hussain, His Excellency Mr. Muhammad Zubair, His Excellency Mr. Wang Yu, Dr. Farrukh Iqbal, Dean & Director IBA, Dr. Ishrat Husain, Ex. Dean and Director IBA, Mr. Syed Salim Raza, Ex Governor State Bank of Pakistan, Prof. Lv Kangjuan, Professor and Deputy Dean at SILC University, Dr. Ijaz Nabi, Dr. Miftah Ismail, Mr. Khalid Mansoor, CEO HUBCO, Mr. Nadeem Naqvi, Dr. Peter Hall, Mr. Ehsan Malik, Mr. Shamsuddin A. Shaikh, Mr. Irfan Siddiqui, Prof. Nisar Ahmed Siddiqui, Dr. Abdul Salam Lodhi, Mr. Khurram Husain, Mr. Sakib Sherani, Mr. Ali Dehlavi, Dr. Aneel Salman, Dr. Rameez Khalid, Dr. Waqar Akram, Dr. Ahmad Junaid, Mr. Mahmood Akhtar Cheema, Dr. Mushtaq Ali Khan and Dr. Shahid Rashid. Apart from Keynote Speakers, a number of authors presented their papers in Parallel Technical Sessions and Poster Presentation Session.

Closing Plenary of the conference was attended by His Excellency, Mr. Muhammad Zubair who shared his memories as an alumnus and also shed light on the importance of CPEC for Pakistan.

The conference was attended by more than 300 participants each day from the public sector, corporate sector and academia. The conference was broadcasted live on IBA’s page all over the world.

The successful ending of the 2nd International CPEC Business & Research Conference 2017 was only possible due to the teamwork. we would like to thank each and every individual who contributed in making this conference a historical and successful event for IBA. Following are some of the team members who deserve special thanks:

I would like to express our sincere gratitude and thank to Dean & Director IBA, Dr. Farrukh Iqbal, for his support, guidance and encouragement which made this event possible. Thank you Dr. Farrukh Iqbal.

I would also like to thank Mr. Syed Salim Raza and Dr. Ahmad Junaid for their intellectual contribution and support throughout the conference specially in editorial review process.

Special thank goes to Mr. Aamer Shabbir Khan, GM Administration, who has recently taken over the responsibilities of the administration and truly inspired us by his excellent leadership skills. We would also like to thank his team specially Mr. Ather Rana, Mr. Rizwan Rizvi, Mr. Abdul Khalid, Mr. Abdul Karim Modi, Mr. Khalid Rishi and Mr. Hassan Shaikh, Mr. Kazi Mazhar and his team, Mr. Rashid Ali Khan, Mr. Shahid VFR, Mr. Kamran Plumber, Mr. Kamran Siddiqui, Mr. Qasim, Mr. Ravi and most importantly Mr. Sohail Khan, along with his team Mr. Hanif and Mr. Amir, for their outstanding support and cooperation from beginning to end.

Mr. Shams-uz-Zoha Jafri and Ms. Ghulam Fatima for their help in guest relations.

Mr. Imran Batada and his IT team, specially Mr. Asjad, Mr. Jibran, Syed Ali Akber Moosvi, Mr. Rashid, Mr. Obaid, Mr. Shoaib and Mr. Arsalan for their commendable efforts.

Mr. Moeid Sultan and his team, specially Mr. Fahad Jawed, Mr. Ghufran, Mr. Mazhar Kazmi and Mr. Hassam for their facilitation.

I would like to thank those who helped CPEC Conference Committee at every step and would like to apologize to those whose names I may have missed.

Lastly, I believe that this conference was a great achievement for MBA students and MBA club and it also provided a wholesome learning experience which is very important for grooming future business leaders. I would like to congratulate each and every MBA student and hope that they will continue to set high standards for their successors.

Best Regards from
Dr. Nasir Afghan
Conference Scientific Secretary
Members of 2nd International CPEC Conference Managing Committee

MBA Club Team Volunteers Volunteers Program Office Team
Assadullah Ashraf Mikail Mohsin Khan Toru Mahroze Ali Shah Munir Khan
Obaid-ur-Rahman Areeba Mushtaq Syed Irtaza Zaidi Muhammad Ayaz
Abdullah Khan Emad Ul Haque Mohsin Maqsood Jamil Ahmed
Sumaiya Shakeel Rohaan Zafar Sobani Syed Arsal Riaz Ali
Sehar Salman Adil Sadia Sheikh Faizan Asif Aziz; Wajid Abbasi
Hassan Saeed Ailia Aziz Syed Muhammad  
Hassan Khalid Shahammah Rizvi Muhammad Antiq  
Muhammad Adil Azam Khan Muhammad Taha bin Yamin Muhammad Mustaqeem Yousfani  
  Fahad Athar Pathan  
  Muhammad Osama Yousaf Atif Hameed  
  Sehrish Yunus Abdul Aleem  
  Muhammad Ahsan Mirza Muhammad Bilal  
  Masood Athar Asim Liaquat  
  Zunaira H. Gwadri Agha Waleed  
  Noor Akbar Kamran Ali Shahzore  
  Ammar Junaid Shahzeb Khalil  
  Arsalan Mohib Umrao  
  Abdur Arham Amna Khan  
  Danyal Sajid Arsalan Ahmed Khan  
  Furqan Rafi-u-shan Khushbakht Vaka  
  Rameez Ahmed Kanza Fahim  
  Talal  Shakeel Shoaib Wahab  
  Zaeem Qadir Sindhya Kirshan  
  Arsalan Ahmed Abdul Arham Khan  
  Faryeha Fatima Saqlain Shah  
  Osama Bin Shahid Naqeeb Raza  
  Moez Munir Muhammad Hassan Saeed  
  Hassaan Adil Malik Sunaim Shadmani  
  Salman Ahmed Muhammad Danish  
  Ghazain Hussain Nazeemullah Baig  
  Syed Zohaib Aijaz Ali Afzal Lilla