Conference Themes:

A. Learning from China’s Economic and Social Transformation
      • China’s Miracle: Industrial Growth from Trade Liberalization and Reforms
      • Experience from Chinese Special Economic Zones (SEZs), Free Trade Zones (FTZs) and Exports Industries
      • China’s Agricultural and Food Productivity
      • Use of e-commerce within China (led by Alibaba and WeChat)

B. CPEC Regional Trade and FDI
      • Regional Trade, Joint Ventures, Alliances, and Industrial Cooperation
      • Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Pakistan and China
      • Business through Special Economic Zones and Urban Growth
      • Opportunities in textile and light engineering industries

C. CPEC Logistics and Transportation Opportunities and Challenges
      • Ports Operations in Economic Growth
      • Security Paradigm and Concerns
      • Pipeline, Road & Railway Infrastructure Development

D. Financial Sector Growth and Integration Opportunities and Challenges
      • E-Commerce
      • CPEC Project Financing and Banking Industry
      • FDI & Debt Repayment
      • Growth Focus Financial Reforms and Deregulations

E. National Agriculture and Food Security Action Plan
      • Agriculture Sector Reforms
      • Strategies for Productivity Enhancement
      • Export of Fruits & Vegetables
      • Food Security
      • China and Pakistan Cooperation in Agriculture Sector & Transfer of Technology

F. Social and Economic Welfare
      • Social and Wellbeing Impact Assessment
      • Human Capital Building
      • Tourism and People to People Relationship
      • Impact on Unemployment & Inflation
      • Political, cultural and social complexities between federal and provincial and local governments and departments

G. Energy and Environment
      • Early Harvest Energy Projects: Demand and supply gap where do we stand?
      • Mining and Quarrying
      • Sustainable Development
      • Energy Projects/Renewable Energy Projects
      • Heavy investments in coal powered projects
      • Impact on Environment