Conference Tracks:

All participants are invited to submit their Cases / Research Papers / Notes in any of (but not limited to) the following areas:

  • Infrastructure Projects Financing Experience from China, India & Brazil
    (Track Chair: Dr. Ahmad Junaid)
  • CPEC Business to Business Opportunities and Challenges
    (Track Chair: Dr. Nasir Afghan)
  • CPEC Macro Levels Performance Indicators
    Track Chair: Mr. Syed Salim Raza)
  • CPEC Human Resources and Human Capital Development Strategies
    Track Chair: Dr. Muhammad Kamran Mumtaz)
  • CPEC Long Term Plan Implementation and Implications
    (Track Chair: Dr. Safdar A. Sohail)
  • CPEC Special Economic / Trade / Industrial Zones and Chinese Public Sector Organizations
    (Track Chair: Dr. Nasir Afghan)
  • Future of Small and Medium Enterprises and CPEC
    (Track Chair: Dr. Muhammad Ayaz)
  • CPEC Social and Environmental Policy Implications
    (Track Chair: Dr. Aneel Salman)
  • CPEC Opportunities or Threats for Banking and Finance
    (Track Chair: Dr. Ahmad Junaid)
  • CPEC Project Management and Supply Chain Management
    (Track Chair: Dr. Rameez Khalid)
  • CPEC Legal and Regulatory Frameworks
    (Track Chairs: Ms. Mahreen Nazar & Ms. Morial Shah)
  • CPEC Energy projects and their Impacts on Economy
    (Track Chairs: Dr. Nasir Afghan)
  • E-Commerce Opportunities and Challenges in CPEC
    (Track Chairs: Dr. Sayeed Ghani)

In addition to the above, participants are also invited to submit Industrial Note(s) and Papers including Textile, Auto Sector, Banking and Financial Sector, Food and Agriculture Production and Branding, Construction, Cement, Steel, Cables, Transportation and Logistics, Power and Energy, and others relevant industrial sectors.